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Linen Water & Scented Pads


WASHOLOGI’S Linen Water is available in six fragrances.

Linen water is safe to use on all fabrics. It can be used as an anti-static, to freshen laundry and woollens, as a room spray or after ironing and steaming.

The perfumes used in WASHOLOGI are free from polycyclic musk, a nasty chemical that is commonly added to perfumes to make them smell longer.

WASHOLOGI’s formulations are biodegradable, the bottles are made ofbioplastics and the spray applicators are made from Ocean Waste Plastic.

2 Pack – Him & Her | 4 Pack – Mimosa, Cotton Flower, Lavender & Joy | Sold Separately


Linen Water - Mimosa, Cotton Flower, Lavender & Joy
Linen Water - Him & Her


Himla’s Vendala Scented Pads are seasonal and the colour combinations may change.

Scented Pads are sold in packs of 3 and measure 10x10cm.

Vendala Scented Pads Amber, 10x10cm
Vendala Scented Pads Clay, 10x10cm
Vendala Scented Pads Mauve, 10x10cm
Vendala Scented Pads Khaki, 10x10cm